New York, New York | Orlando Travel Photographer

New York- Times Square It’s been a while since I brought my big camera on a weekend getaway. No one uses “these things” anymore with the newest smartphones. I’m guilty myself. Owning an iPhone 7 plus makes it very difficult to drag that bulky camera along. These phones take beautiful images with an awesome depth of field. You can shoot in portrait mode or even make great panoramic photos. So yea, the digital SLR has become somewhat superfluous.

buy gabapentin in uk Not really though. Because the detailing on the images taken with a digital SLR – and good lens! – is top notch. You can’t get that with your phone. And how do you adjust your aperture preference or shutter speed? Right, you can’t. So that’s why i brought it along. Not all the time though, but I did that one day when I walked a total of 6 miles wandering the streets and parks of NYC. 

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